Club Rules

We only allow air rifles developing less than 12ft/lb and pistols developing less than 6ft/lb to be shot at the club.
All members, their guests and visitors must sign in before they start shooting.

Gun Rules

Never load a gun unless you are on the firing line and making ready to shoot.
Keep guns pointed down at the ground when not on the firing line.
Guns must be stored in their bags or placed in a storage rack when not in actual use.

When on the firing line, all guns must be kept pointing down range.
Ensure your position is correct on the firing line, being neither too far forward nor set back.
Barrels and levers of all spring powered guns must be held throughout the loading process.

If a magazine is being used, it must not be in the gun except when on the firing line and about to shoot. This includes empty magazines.Remove magazines from the gun before leaving the firing line, even if empty. Once the magazine is removed and before leaving the firing line, clear the gun by firing a (blank) shot down range to ensure the barrel is actually empty.

Ceasefire Rules

Don’t proceed forward of the firing line unless a ceasefire is in force.
A ceasefire is called by one blast of a whistle. Allow time for guns to be cleared before moving forward.
Keep all gun actions open during ceasefires and when not on the firing line.
Open range (start shooting) is signified by two blasts of a whistle or air horn


You must be 18 years of age or over to use the range unaccompanied.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21
Children under 14 are allowed to shoot. It is the responsibility of accompanying adult to oversee the safety and behaviour of their child at all times.