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New to Hunter Field Target

If you are thinking of getting into air rifle shooting, you might be interested in understanding the various forms of shooting.

Black Cat Air Gun has an indoor shooting range, a bench for plinking and zeroing and a Hunter Field Target (HFT) course.

Yours truly hasn’t tried the clubs HFT course yet, but I plan to probably early in 2021. My current focus is to try a few pellet types and find out what happens to my shots over different ranges. Pellet weight and type of pellet will affect the flight and more so over a greater distance.

To give you a better introduction to HFT, I’ve found quite a nice short video. This shows you what HFT is and the sort of fun and banter you could expect at this and other clubs.

Whilst this video is aimed at people new to the sport, it’s nicely done, and even experienced people might enjoy the chat!

Cheers and best wishes

Club Members

Black Cat Air Rifles is Open

Black Cat Air Rifles will be open once again from Wednesday 2nd December from 10am till dusk.
Saturday and Sunday 10am till dusk.

We have a new risk assessment in place and there will be a copy at the club from Wednesday for anyone wishing to come to shoot, this will need to be read and understood and then signed and dated.

Please adhere to the new rules or the club will not be able to stay open.

Many thanks from the Management Team.

Club Members

Air Rifle Test and Grouping

As a newcomer to this sport there’s a surprising amount to learn!

One of the steps I decided to take was to take a look at how easy or hard it is to shoot accurately. This was a very short video of yours truly. Using a simple gun rest with the target set to 16 meters at the end of my garden.

One of the things I noticed was the way the gun moved slightly. It seems as though my heart beat suddenly made it jump! My resting heart rate is around 40 to 45 per minute.

As with all trials and tests, I will hopefully learn from my errors and improve over time.

If you have any quick (polite) tips to give me, please feel free to mention them in the discussion box which should be below here.

Cheers for now!

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